The Perfect Watermelon

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The Perfect Watermelon (episode)

Brittany asks Sam Coffey of Diamond C Produce how to pick the best, ripe watermelon. Then Joanna learns more about Sam and Brenda’s farm and produce store at Diamond C.

Finally, Brittany joins us in the kitchen to prepare a unique and delicious watermelon and tomato salad that you can prepare in minutes!

Update August 2016: We’re wishing the Coffey family a happy and fulfilling retirement! Thank you for your contribution to Kentucky farming.

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Plenty of Peaches

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Plenty of Peaches (episode)

Joanna takes a drive up to Jackson’s Orchard to visit with Bill Jackson and learn more about his tradition-rich family establishment. Bill then gives the perfect answer to the question, “Why do you farm?” Because he loves it!

Then Brittany joins us in the kitchen to prepare a Peach Caprese Salad, putting a unique Southern twist on an Itialian Classic!

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Blueberry Summer

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Blueberry Summer (episode)

Joanna heads to Dancing Wind Berry Farm to talk to Julie Kratts about what goes into growing an harvesting a delicious Kentucky blueberry as well as what drew her into the farming life!

Then Julie joins Brittany in the kitchen to prepare a simple, decadent no-bake blueberry cheesecake. Order Julie’s Blueberry Cookbook by e-mailing or call (270) 535-7237.

“Folks come out and say you have so many, it must be easy! If it was easy, everyone would be doing ...

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