Tomatoes in Winter

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Tomatoes in Winter (episode)

Joanna heads to ATP Greenhouses in Morgantown, KY to see their operation and learn how to grow fresh vine tomatoes all Winter long! ATP’s customers enjoy the thin-skinned tomatoes that are rich in iron, zinc, and magnesium just like an outside tomato!

tomatoes-in-winter“ATP Greenhouses started about 5 years ago when we were doing farmers markets. In Winter time, everyone wanted tomatoes. We had a seasonal business int he golf courses. As we looked for a winter business, we talked to the Extension Offices ad they said the best thing for Winter time was tomatoes.

The biggest expense for tomatoes in the Winter time is heat. Fortunately, we had a natural gas well here which helps. It doesn’t do it 100%, but it helps tremendously.

Then we needed places to sell. Well there is no shortage of places to sell in the Winter time.

We have 4,000 plants. We’ll do anywhere between 1,000 and 4,000 pounds per week. It depends on the season and the sunlight. But yeah, that’s a lot!

We also have what we call a micro mix which is trace elements like iron, zinc, magnesium and things that come out of the ground originally. You get this tomato ripe on the vine, and it taste just like an outside tomato. In fact, 75% of our customers like them better because they have a thinner skin and aren’t tough like an outside tomato.”

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