Salad Greens and Holiday Buyers Club

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Salad Greens and Holiday Buyers Club (episode)

Joanna heads to Beechmont Farms to talk with Birch Bragg to discuss their assortment of high tunnel salad greens as well as their holiday buyers club!

Then Brittany shows how to add a healthy, delicious side dish to your holiday meals using local salad greens topped with a delicious homemade dressing using items you probably already have in your pantry.

Salad Greens at Beechmont Farms“As it gets a little colder, we have to move indoors. All the production gets into a tighter space.

Salad greens, for many reasons, are our choice. First of all they’re across the board as far as variety goes. You can have head lettuce, you can have lettuce mixes, you can grow spinach, you can grow kale. We like to provide so many types of greens that people want today.

To be honest, some of these mixes go for $9-10 per pound, so it’s very lucrative to do so with the short compact space in the high tunnel.”

KYF2 mini: Ovation Mix (bonus episode)

Birch Bragg of Beechmont Farms sits with Joanna and shows off their Ovation Mix, a spicy mix of salad greens that go with a variety of proteins. Spice up your dinner with these healthy, hearty, high tunnel salad greens!

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