Pumpkin Goodness

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Pumpkin Goodness (episode)

Pumpkin patches are the first thing people think of (and look for) when Fall is near. Joanna visits with Travis at Coleman Brothers Farm Market to talk about their pumpkins as well as their year-round brick and mortar storefront. Learn more by liking the Coleman Brothers on Facebook!

Then Brittany explains why so many pumpkins are great for both eating and decorating!

Pumpkin Goodness at Coleman Brothers“We’re third generation produce farmers. Grandpa, in 1951, was the first one in Indiana to have a hundred acre watermelon field. So long, long ties before it was passed on to us from our father.

Almost every bit of our store goods, with 5% exclusion, came from within 100 miles from here. You can get milk, eggs, meat, cheese. We just try to use local vendors besides everything we grow. All your vegetables in the summer. Melons. Cantaloups.

We’re really known for vining crops, like watermelons, cantaloups, pumpkins, gourds, and stuff like that…”

Front Port Flavor for Fall (craft ideas in video)

Pumpkin Goodness at Coleman Brothers

From painting with glitter to decorative props, there are plenty of ways to use pumpkins to give your porch some “front porch flavor” this Fall!


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