Ornamental Corn and More at Ruby Branch

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Ornamental Corn and More at Ruby Branch (episode)

Brittany heads out to Ruby Branch Farms to talk with Drew and Laney Snider about running their farm operation as a young married couple. Then learn how to do a simple, adorable craft with their ornamental corn.

Learn more at http://www.facebook.com/rubybranchfarms or http://theranchyruby.wordpress.com.

Ornamental Corn and More at Ruby Branch“People thought we were crazy, first of all, for trying to farm together as newlyweds, and then to start a business that is farming as newlyweds. There’s been some ups and downs, but we’re making it work, and it’s awesome!

Laney gets on me sometimes, because I’ll get to talking… and I ought to get to working! But I love dealing with the folks, and also I just love agriculture!

Once you get off the interstate, you don’t realize how gorgeous it’s going to be out here! With this temperature, I could spend all day out here”

Berry Salsa (craft in video)

Ornamental Corn and More at Ruby Branch

See how to use ornamental corn for a simple, adorable craft for the Fall season!



  1. Claudia  September 20, 2016

    This is AWESOME! Love watching Ruby Branch Farm and Drew and Laney grow this business.

    Can’t wait to visit next time we are in Nashville.


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