Mums and Front Porch Flavor

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Mums and Front Porch Flavor (episode)

Joanna heads to Chaney’s Dairy Barn, known mostly for its delicious ice cream and family Fall activities, to talk to Debra Chaney about her beautiful mums. Learn more about Chaney’s Dairy Barn at

Then Brittany switches gears to talk about “Front Porch” flavor, using your beautiful Fall mums (a specialty crop, though not typically used in food) and a few simple items that will really add a taste of Fall to the front of your home!

Mums and Front Porch Flavor“Nothing says Fall like a beautiful blooming mum!

Chaney’s Dairy Barn usually means Summer fun, ice cream, and just a great place for the family. But don’t forget about Fall, because there is plenty to do out here.

I chose to marry a dairy farmer, and I came from a dairy farm family, and I should have known the amount of work I was getting into, but it was a way of life for me. I quickly realized it wasn’t about the money. It’s about the value of what you can do with your family on a farm. The values you can instill into them. The work ethic.”

Get Your Mums Ready for Fall (craft in video)


Get your mums ready for fall, and your front porch full of “flavor” with these easy tips!



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