Berries, Great Berries

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Berries, Great Berries (episode)

Joanna visits with Michael from Great Berries Farm to see how he works out what’s “in his blood” with his delicious raspberries. They also offer a variety of other produce, not only at Farmers Markets, but right off the highway! Learn more on their Facebook page!

Then Brittany shows us how to prepare a very refreshing berry salsa! You can prepare this ahead of time and chill it. Serve this fresh, unique salsa with graham crackers or other sweet, crunchy treats.

Great Berries“We started back in 2009. I had a garden for a number of years and wanted to expand that.

I decided to try raspberry plants when I saw them at Lowe’s one day and thought ‘You knowI love these things, I’m going to put one out!’

We started playing with those a little bit, learning every single day something different about them.

About that time I talked to a friend of mine who sold at the farmers markets for quite a long time. He talked me into selling the berries at the market and expanding form there.”

Berry Salsa (recipe in video)

Very Berry Salsa

“There are so many varieties of berries grown in South-Central Kentucky. With a name like Very Berry Salsa, you know it’s going to be a spectacular dish!”

Bonus Recipe (download)

Blackberry Peach Crumble

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